Quantitative Trait Loci Linked to Downy Mildew Resistance

VitisGen2 researchers Konstantin Divilov, Paola Barba, Lance Cadle-Davidson, and Bruce Reisch found multiple quantitative trait loci associated with downy mildew sporulation and hypersensitive response in hybrid grape families using a single phenotype model. Read full article here

The averaged Bayesian network for the HC family manual sporulation (Sp), hypersensitive response (HR), and leaf trichome (Lt) traits. S6, S7, S8, and S15 correspond to SNPs on chromosomes 6, 7, 8, and 15, respectively. The numbers above and to the left of an edge pointing from a trait/SNP to a trait represents the effect size of the trait/SNP on the trait while the numbers below and to the right represents the percent variance of the trait explained by the trait/SNP calculated as Type III SSTotal SS×100. Type III sum of squares (SS) of a trait/SNP is the SS of that trait/SNP conditional on all other traits and SNPs in the model. Effect sizes from SNPs are absolute values while those from traits are not. (reproduced from the original article)



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