RIPE article and staff spotlight on Olena Sambucci

Olena SambucciOlena Sambucci, a postdoctoral researcher at UC Davis, focuses her research on the economic trade-offs between grape traits, including disease resistance, wine varietal name, flavor profiles, and many other factors. She is part of VitisGen2’s economics team, under the guidance of Julian Alston.

Learn more about VitisGen2’s economics team by reading the new “Research in Plain English” article summarizing research conducted by Olena, Julian and collaborators Kate Fuller and Jayson Lusk.

RIPE ARTICLE: The pecuniary and non-pecuniary costs of powdery mildew and the potential value of resistant varieties in California grapes

Olena also talked more about her current responsibilities, her background, and which podcasts help get her through long days in the most recent staff spotlight.

STAFF SPOTLIGHT on Olena Sambucci.

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