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Two parents MN1246 and MN1264 used to make mapping populations for cluster architecture and colorGetting the Perfect Cluster Shape: Defining Table & Wine Grape Traits with DNA Markers
American Vineyard Magazine,  June 2020.
by Rachel Naegele, Matthew Clark, and Tim Martinson


2000 rHampSeq markers of the Vitis core genome markersGrape Breeders Search for Reliable DNA Markers: Why the Pinot noir PN40024 Reference Genome is Not Enough
Wine Business Monthly, December 2019
by Tim Martinson, Qi Sun, Cheng Zou, and Lance Cadle-Davidson
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Leaf disk and powdery mildew. Disease-resistant varieties are on the way: Can we ensure they last?
Wine Business Monthly, June 2019
by Michelle M. Moyer, Timothy Martinson and Lance Cadle-Davidson
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Two table grape clusters- on the left berries are green or pale pink, on the right berries are deep red“Marker-Assisted Selection” Makes Efficient Table Grape Breeding
American Vineyard, March 2019
by Tim Martinson, Craig Ledbetter and Rachel Naegele



"Blackbird", the phenotyping robot used to determine grape varietal resistance to powdery mildew.The Phenotyping Bottleneck: How grape breeders link desired traits to DNA markers
Wines and Vines, December 2018
by Tim Martinson and Lance Cadle-Davidson


Floreal cultivar white wine grapesWill Europe Embrace Hybrid Wine Grapes?
Wines and Vines, August 2018
By Tim Martinson and Bruce Reisch



Grape Breeders No Longer Flying Blind
Wines & Vines, March 2018
By Tim Martinson



The Frozen Genetics of International Wine Cultivars
Wines & Vines, December 2017
By Tim Martinson