Fruit Quality Team


Gavin Sacks headshotTeam Leader: Gavin Sacks, Associate Professor, Cornell University
411 Tower Rd., Ithaca, NY 14853

The Sacks lab oversees the Wine Grape Fruit Quality Phenotyping Center. The Center provides a centralized location for development and application of chemical analyses of grapes from breeding populations, with a particular focus on compounds responsible for undesirable properties of wild Vitis species.


Anna Katharine Mansfield
Anna Katharine Mansfield
, Associate Professor, Cornell University
107 Food Research Laboratory, Geneva, NY 14456

Anna Katharine is associate professor of Enology at Cornell University, where her research focus is on hybrid wine phenolics and fermentation nutrition.


Rachel Naegele headshot
Rachel Naegele
, Research Horticulturist, USDA-ARS CDPG
9611 South Riverbend Ave., Parlier, CA 93648

Rachel is a table/raisin grape horticulturalist with the USDA-ARS who joined the breeding and fruit quality teams in VitisGen2. In particular, her lab is working to develop a high-throughput imaging system to evaluate cluster architecture and identify molecular markers associated with cluster and fruit quality.

Amy Tabb (collaborator)
, Research Agricultural Engineer, USDA-ARS AFRS
2217 Wiltshire Rd., Kearneysville, WV 25430

Amy is an agricultural engineer with the USDA-ARS who joined the fruit quality team as a collaborator in 2020. Her work is primarily focused on digital image analysis of table grape cluster and rachis architecture in conjunction with Rachel Naegele.