Trait Economics Team


Julian Alston headshotTeam Leader: Julian Alston, Distinguished Professor, University of California-Davis
2157 Social Sciences & Humanities, Davis, CA 95616

Julian serves as leader of the Trait Economics Team, and within the team’s broader scope he will be focusing personally on the value of quality traits in table grapes—at least initially.


Rosa Karina Gallardo's headshotRosa Karina Gallardo, Associate Professor, Washington State University
2606 West Pioneer, Puyallup, WA 98371

The overall objective of the trait economics objective is to investigate the market value to the supply chain of the improvement in the levels of grape genetic traits. R. Karina Gallardo will co-lead the estimation of values and preferences – from growers and consumers – for horticultural and quality traits for different varieties of grape products.


Bradley Rickard's headshotBradley Rickard, Associate Professor, Cornell University
450C Warren Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853

Brad is an agricultural economist from Cornell University that is part of the socioeconomic team within VitisGen2. As part of this team, he will contribute towards an evaluation of grower, retailer, and consumer demand for specific traits in wine and table grapes in an effort to identify cultivars that have the capacity to generate the greatest economic returns to stakeholders.