About VitisGen2

The goals of the VitisGen2 Project are to:Trays of single-leaf grape seedlings growing in the greenhouse.

  • Develop novel methods to improve wine grape taste, quality and appearance, such as through plant breeding and genomics.
  • Identify and address threats from diseases and insect pests.
  • Develop novel methods to improve resistance to these pests and diseases.
  • Improve wine grape productivity and profitability, through production, handling and processing efficiency and specialty marketing.

Launched in September 2017 to expand on work from the first VitisGen project, the VitisGen2 project is a multi-institution research collaboration funded by the USDA-NIFA Specialty Crop Research Initiative for the development of new grape varieties to meet these goals.

To learn more about the long-term goals, significance, and expected outcomes of the project, please see our Project Narrative.

You can also view our most recent major accomplishments, and can keep up to date with new advances by subscribing to us on twitter @VitisGen.