February 20: (Some of) the Economics of Grape Varietal Innovations.

Dr. Julian Alston
Distinguished Professor
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
University of California, Davis
Davis, California



Dr. Olena Sambucci
Postdoctoral Scholar
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
University of California, Davis
Davis, California


March 10: Consumer Insights on Table Grape Quality Attributes

Dr. Karina Gallardo
Assistant Professor, Extension Specialist
School of Economic Sciences
Washington State University
Puyallup, WA



Dr. Bradley Rickard
Assistant Professor
Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY



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Apr 18th 2019What the wild things are: Flavor challenges of breeding disease-resistant and cold-tolerant grapes using North American Vitis species

Presenter Dr. Gavin Sacks reviews the flavor chemistry challenges of native species and their hybrids, and discusses how production practices or breeding could be used to mitigate these problems.

Mar 21st 2019Advanced computer vision techniques: New technologies to streamline grape breeding

Presenter Dani Martinez discusses some of the ways in which computer vision is being used to streamline scientific research, using VitisGen’s application to powdery mildew resistance as a case study.


April 19th 2018, 2pm ESTAutomated Evaluation of Grape Breeding Progeny to Reduce the Phenotyping Bottleneck

While genetic information is becoming inexpensive, measuring attributes of interest such as disease resistance or cluster architecture has been a laborious, manual process. VitisGen researchers are developing methods of more rapidly and objectively screening ‘mapping populations’. Their goal: to streamline the process of associating plant traits with genetic markers.

Panelists from the VitisGen2 Breeding and Local Phenotyping Team:
-Lance Cadle-Davidson, VitisGen2 Project Co-Leader and USDA Research Plant Pathologist
-Rachel Naegele, USDA Research Horticulturist
-Anna Underhill, MSc student at University of Minnesota

March 13th 2018, 2pm EST Europe is Starting to Embrace New, Disease Resistant Varieties

European wine producers have long focused on a small group of ancient, closely-related, name-brand varieties originating in the middle ages. Whether by legislation or market forces, growers have been wedded to a small list of approved names – resisting anything classified as a ‘hybrid’. But attitudes are changing. Mounting concern about fungicide usage near villages embedded within vineyard regions is driving growers to start planting new disease resistant winegrapes … even in Bordeaux. We will discuss the debate about new varieties now taking hold in Europe, and how attitudes towards new varieties are changing.

– Bruce Reisch, Professor, Cornell University
– Timothy Martinson, Senior Extension Associate, Cornell University